I Sing To Love 🎵

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Baritone: Jeff Dolan / Piano: HG Moses

Piano: HG Moses

Our joyful anticipation that, “There comes a point in time and space that Love transforms the human race!”.

Photo: Sascha Düser (Pexels)

Composer’s Notes:

This song is very dear to my heart – and dear to my mind as well.

In my way of thinking, God is Love. And if I could see what the angels see, I would have no doubt that absolutely everything that can be seen is not only loved by God,
but is surely drawn by God’s magnetic Love as well.

Our world is in turmoil, and darkness no longer seems to hide its frightful face. In spite of present condition, my heart and my mind are certain that humanity’s very identity will
be utterly new in the future. “All wars will end, all greed will cease when Love pours forth this Perfect Peace!”

I have faith that Love will transform the human race, and I earnestly look ahead to that coming point in time and space. All hearts will rejoice and sing together with the angels – the entire Earth will hear the glorious sound of Love’s rebirth.

Until that moment, I hold the vision of a humanity aligned and united in Love. My task is certain and my response is clear:

“I hear the call, I take my stand,
I give my all, I lend my hand,
I see a world within my mind
where Love transforms all humankind.
I look to Love to save the day.
I know that Love will show the way.”

We look to love – we call to Love – we sing to Love!

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