Perfect Love 🎵

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StarHouse Ensemble – Boulder Library Concert

“All Creation shines in Thy Love and Light Divine. Ev’ry molecule consecrates Thy perfect rule.”

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Composer’s Notes:

This is one of my “Ev’ry” songs. I’m deeply inspire by the delightfully diverse qualities of Nature. We can see God’s Love being perfected ev’ry moment in the world around us. In this song however, I have focused on two manifestations of Creation – the plant kingdom and the human race.

When we observe the plants, herbs, flowers, trees, vines, roots, petals and seeds that abound on our Earth, we can easily praise the handiwork of the Divine imagination. We can draw from the nature of this paradigm that in our own hearts a seed has been planted – one which is destined to grow, blossom and bloom in Love!

We see in our own cells, nerves, bones, organs, hand, bodies and Souls that we are created in great complexity and Wisdom. Though we are indeed physical beings with bodies, we also have inquisitive and potent minds, as well as a spiritual presence. Our body-mind-spirit being have the possibility of being aligned in the same manner as Heaven – or the higher realms. Thus, we ask that our own hearts be filled with Perfect Love.

In our choir, this song is known as the “molecule song” since the chorus states, “All Creation shines in Thy Love and Light Divine. Ev’ry molecule consecrates Thy Perfect Rule.”

In truth, the vibrational frequencies of every molecule is singing in Harmony with the Perfect Love and Perfect Peace that streams from God’s Heart. Every molecule exists in the Perfect Thought and Perfect Will that flows from God’s Mind.

“Thou createst all things! Alleluia, Amen! Perfect Plan. Destiny. I shall serve humanity. Alleluia. Amen.”

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