Higher Vibrations Music inspires communities of people to sing together in Harmony and Love.
Set your heart on fire with the healing power of Harmony!
We sing to the Beauty, Wonder and Majesty of Cosmos.
We sing transformational music to infuse and empower our lives with Love!
Create with us a world of people singing together in Harmony.
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Imagine a world where millions of people are singing together in Harmony and Love

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Higher Vibrations Music

Higher Vibrations Music is a global outreach of The Institute of Harmonic Science, a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization. Your donations help to develop, publish and promote Higher Vibrations Music worldwide.

Welcome ACDA Members!

Your free membership allows you to download our sheet music for virtual choir and live performances. We only ask that you credit us, and send us an audio or video recording when you sing any of our songs.

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Higher Vibrations Music increases the strength of Harmony and Love in our world through individual and community singing.

Your FREE membership provides you full access to download our songs: sheet music, videos, discussions and performance notes.