I Will Be 🎵

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The StarHouse Ensemble – Boulder Library Concert

We affirm we will be who we are meant to be as we are drawn ever to our Destiny.

Photo:  Nacho Juárez (Pexels)


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Composer’s Notes:

We are empowered by the thought that “I will be who I am meant to be”. We can celebrate our Purpose as we discover the unique talents and gifts we have been given in order to more effectively serve humanity.

We sing about the power of God’s Love which creates us, and creates all that we see. We rejoice in knowing that this Perfect Love ever flows through us – leading, guiding, and strengthening our lives.

We hold firm to the idea that Love sets us free from limitation, as we seek and align with the Perfect Plan. Love is the author of all true reality, and that Love ever touches us, and ever touches all that we see.

Within the context of God’s Perfect Love and Perfect Heart, we sing this song with the assurance that we are ever drawn to our Destiny – with a capital D!

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  • The StarHouse Ensemble – Boulder Library Concert


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