Life Has Its Meanings 🎵

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Soprano Solo: Danielle Moreland-Ochoa / Piano: HG Moses

Baritone Solo: Jeff Dolan  / Piano: HG Moses

HG Moses: Piano

A song of purpose juxtaposing the nature of our lives on Earth with the wonder and splendor of the Universe.

Photo: James Wheeler (Pexels)


Composer’s Notes:

In this anthem of Purpose and Destiny, we ask a few philosophical questions regarding the meaning and purpose of life within a decidedly spiritual framework. We reflect on the repetition of the seasons and the progression of days that constitute our guided journey toward Destiny. We note that for all of us life has its meanings and ploys, framed in the context of sorrows and joys.

We note the nature of experiencing our very uncertain lives while affirming the certainty that Love finds a way – and that Love will endure. We notice the exquisity of the world we see, marveling that it is formed, renewed and restored in every moment. We acknowledge the implicate order of Creation, and confirm the obvious accord revealed in the universal Field of resonant Harmony.

We sing a chorus that acknowledges that our ringing, singing Universe is calling us to sail upon the Ocean of Love. We draw inspiration from the magnificence of the Cosmic Symphony, approaching its splendor with a sense of sacred Wonder. This leads to a deeply powerful pondering: How will we serve humanity, and what will we leave posterity, “…when, like the stars in the heavens above, all that we give is for reasons of Love.”

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