Terms and Conditions

Higher Vibrations Music invites you to share the vision of millions of voices singing together in Harmony and Love. To that end, we are following a path in which we provide sheet music and accompaniment tracks to Members at no charge. Membership is free and confidential.

In order to protect our copyrights, we have a few rules and exclusions which apply to our license. We want to make it as simple as possible to join and participate in singing this music throughout the world. If you have a special situation that requires special licensing, please contact us. We want to work with you!

Each piece of downloaded music (Music) grants the registered Member, and the member’s organization, a limited license with certain permissions. Following are the details of the limited license:

  1. The License authorizes the Member and supporting musicians to perform the Music through public events (concerts, live shows, church services and special events). A Member’s Music License is not valid for the concert organizers unless they obtain written permission from the Publisher.
  2. All copyrights (unless otherwise noted) are fully owned by Harold Grandstaff Moses (the “Composer”) and HGM, LLC All Music is registered with ASCAP.
  3. All licenses are granted and mediated exclusively by Higher Vibrations Music (the “Publisher”), a global outreach of The Institute of Harmonic Science, a 501c3 educational organization in Phoenix, AZ.
  4. The License is valid for unlimited performances providing the Member remains in good standing. Termination of a Membership, by either the Member or the Publisher, renders all Licenses invalid.
  5. This Music License allows teachers and/or music schools to teach and play the score in an educational setting, individual or group lessons, regardless if the lesson takes place in an institution, in a teachers private studio, or online. The Music License also allows public performances of the works within the context of the music school/teacher.
  6. Lyrics of the Music may be accurately translated into another language. A copy of that translation must be provided to the Publisher and approved for use.
  7. A Member may print copies of the Licensed Music for themselves, their ensemble, church choir, or service organization from the downloaded PDF files, provided that the copyright credit and member license name are in tact.
  8. Any music performed and listed in a program, bulletion or flyer must include the Song Title and the following copyright credit: Harold Grandstaff Moses (ASCAP), HigherVibrationsMusic.com.
  9. A Member may post a performance of the Licensed Music on any publicly hosted video platform (YouTube, Vimeo, Akamai, Brightcove, etc.) providing the video includes full copyright credit and the Member License name.
  10. We encourage video and audio recordings of all Member’s solo, ensemble and choir performances. We request that the Member provides us with links to all digital posts so that we can include them on our website.
  11. Members must apply to the Publisher for written permission in order to use Licensed Music as part of any social campaign, movement or outreach.
  12. The Licensed Music may be included in a song or hymn book, a collection or compendium of music for a festival, workshop or special events only with written permission from the Publisher.
  13. The Licensed Music must be performed in its entirety, as written in the score (except for specific titles in our Improvisational catagory). You may not exclude a verse, chorus, introduction, interlude or ending. However, you are free to repeat the chorus, especially to encourage large group singing! 4-part, 3-part and 2-part vocal scores may be sung in unison, or as a solo.

The limited license for the Music does not allow for certain activities. Excluded activities include:

  1. Please do not modify or arrange the Music without written permission from the Publisher.
  2. The lyrics (including specific capitalizations), the melody line, and the chord progressions may not be altered unless you apply for and receive written permission from the Publisher. Transposition into a different musical key is allowed providing that the relative harmonies and chord progressions are retained.
  3. The Member is not permitted to assign or use any of the lyrics of the Licensed Music in another piece of music, nor are arrangements of the scores allowed without written permission from the Publisher.
  4. This Music License prohibits the removal of any of Higher Vibrations Music’s branding (logos, font, colors, etc) from any copy of the Licensed Music unless written permission is obtained from the Publisher.
  5. This Music License is not a license to reproduce the song commercially, including but not limited to distribution by CD, DVD, MP3, MP4, Cable or Broadcast television, movies, documentaries, etc. Any and all commercial use of the Music requires a Commercial License from the Publisher.
  6. The Member may not modify the Licensed Music, either in print or digital forms, by altering the published graphics, photos, art or logos to our Music, nor may they attach different graphics, photos, art or logos to the Music,
  7. The Member is not permitted to buy, sell, trade, loan or give away copies of Licensed Music to other choirs or entities. A License is free to Members. We ask that church or service organizations obtain their own license through a designated and authorized Member.
  8. Members are not permitted to use any Licensed Music for political purposes, as part of a political campaign or as ‘theme music’ for any political venture.

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