Increase My Love

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“Increase my love for all I see. Increase my love for Thee. Increase Thy Love in Me.”

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Composer’s Notes:

This is one of my most requested songs at our choir events. I believe that is becausethe lyrics are both insightful and incite-ful.

Insight: apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding // Incite: to move to action : stir up : spur on : urge on

“Increase my love for all I see. Increase my love for Thee, for Thee. Increase my love for Thee. Increase Thy Love in Me!”

Love is something we can easily want more of – though often that request has much to do with receiving more for ourselves. In this case, there is a twist of meaning as we discover the reason we are requesting more Love is so that we can give more Love consciously. Recognizing that God is the source of all Love, the natural by-product of having that Love increased in our own hearts is that our Love for all that we see, and our love for God will increase as well.

One can view this increase in energy as a feedback loop. In broad terms, a feedback loop exists whenever the outputs of a system are circled back and used as inputs. Every time you fill out a survey for a product, you are part of a feedback loop. However, in the world of audio engineering, we have an unforgettable example of a feedback loop anytime a microphone is placed too close to the speaker which is amplifying the microphone. As the amplification loop is completed over and over, the signal gets overwhelmingly louder quite quickly!

This provides a very good metaphor for how God’s Love is increased within us as we consciously sing, “Increase my love for Thee. Increase Thy Love in Me!”

“Increase the Field of those who long, to sing humanity’s healing song! Increase the strength of all who share a vision sweet, beyond compare, of a world aligned below, as above, by the glorious sound, the glorious sound of Love!”

There are a few important things to note in these phrases. First, consider the idea behind the word “Field”. We are singing about a very specific field of energy that is being created by all of us who share the sweet vision of a world aligned in Love. Further, we ask that the strength of this Field be increased for the purpose of the healing of humanity. Imagine as you sing this music, that you are singing with countless other humans who seek heaven on earth, and a world united by the glorious sound of Love!

And what can we say about this Love with certainty? – that it actively exists eternally! Love encompasses our journey, leading us, guiding us, and strengthening us:

“Love ever flowing. Love ever free. Love ever streaming to you, to me, to the world…”

What evidence do you see that Love is increasing in your life?

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